‘Great little books and fun stories’  Jill Rowsell

‘I liked the riming words and how they got up to advenchirs agenst the gray scrirells (Bristle the Red) .  I liked the front cuver and the cool drorings.’  Sonny aged 7.

‘Anastasia was absolutely thilled and has been reading them over and over again!’  Anastasia’s grandmother

‘This is a lovely book (Peg the Red) for children interested in nature and the country side.  A two part story following two families of red squirrels and how coming into contact with grey squirrels can be a dangerous thing.  It rhymes thoughout, has some charming illustrations and is just the right length as a bedtime story …… there is a page for colouring and a host of facts about red and grey squirrels which should satisfy the most enquiring minds!’   Angep

‘Bristle the red squirrel lives an idealic life in a lake district woodland, but that is threatened by a band of invaders.  The way Bristle and his family and friends pull together to fight the challenge will help children learn the benefits of working together.  All done in a fun way through rhyme and colourful illustrations.’  Annie-sue

‘Just wanted to say Peg is great.  Bought it for our youngest granddaughter 6.  And the illustrations are super.’  Isabel Gregory

‘Charming tales …. with a strong thread of truth…. they describe the reality of life for an animal under threat from land use change, disease and competition.’  Westmorland Red Squirrels Association

‘A wonderful story (Bristle the Red), told in rhyme ….. each page is richly illustrated, inspiring many talking points for younger readers.’   Irene

‘A lovely story (Peg the Red) that my children enjoyed hearing and I enjoyed telling, I would happily recommend this book.’  Gilles